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Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of November 26 - Spark Hire

Spark Hire Podcast for the Week of November 26 - Spark HireIts no surprise last week was Thanksgiving Hopefully the need to give was ever present in the office. Our podcast this week covers two of the top articles from last week. For starters we talked about how employers can use video interviewing to attract millennials. Not only can you use video interviews on a mobile device, but millennials can show you their personality right away with a video resume.We also talked about how employers can find the right ingredients for a great company culture. At the top of the list is motivation. One way to motivate yur workers is to make them feel appreciated. Keep the Thanksgiving attitude all year long and make sure your employees are feeling like their work is important and appreciated. Tune into our podcast now to hear what the other four ingredients areArticles CoveredHow to Attract Millennials with Video InterviewsIngredients for the Perfect Company CultureThe official podcast of Spark H ire. Discussing news and topics for job seekers and human resources professionals.Follow us on Twitter Spark Hire TwitterLike us on Facebook Spark Hire Facebook PageWatch us on YouTube Spark Hire YouTube ChannelHOST Nicole Nicholson (Content Editor at Spark Hire)ALSO Patrick Beggan (Marketing Assistant at Spark Hire)powerpress url=http//

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Shorten Your Job Search - Were Here to Help...

Shorten Your Job Search - Were Here to Help...Shorten Your Job Search - Were Here to Help...Folks, Ill be bringing my message of simplifying your senior level job hunt to a radio station near you soon. Listen for us on WBAP in Dallas, WFAN in New York City, and mora stations soon.Of course, this is just the beginning as we spread the word of that word is spreading. Today, we haveOver 2,000 individual recruiters and hiring managers who post jobs to Ladders.comMore than 13,000 new jobs each and every month across all our newslettersOver 202,000 readers like you whove turned to to find your next role in life faster and more comprehensivelyThats the power of - watch, look, and listen for us across the country this winter.SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH WITH USThe $100K+ job search used to be a frustrating game of hide-and-seek. The jobs would hide and youd spend 90% of your time seeking.That didnt make a whole lot of sense to me when I was an SVP at HotJo bs, and I saw how our model contributed to the problem.Because it was free to apply for jobs, wed have dishwashers and lots of underqualified folks from overseas applying for the great senior level jobs that showed up. Human nature being what it is, the feeling is why notlage apply for this great job even if Im wholly inappropriate. What the heck, its free and I might just get it. Lets face it youve done it, Ive done it, weve all applied for a job that was a bit of a stretch from time to time.And you can imagine what the high-powered senior recruiters, with not much time to spare in a busy day, had to say about that Hey Marc, dont send us hundreds of badeanstalt resumes that we have to waste hours sorting out just send us the highly qualified good ones.So the system was broken. And thats just simply no way for a mature, responsible country to go about placing its leaders in their next role in life. Think of all the wasted time and effort and talentYou see, the way top people get job s is by selling themselves networking, interviewing, showing up in person so that the recruiter or hiring manager can see firsthand the talent, the ambition, the passion.And you might be surprised for a tech-geek like me to say this Ive never known anybody to get hired sight-unseen while sitting behind a computer screen. Might sound like a good line for a country-western song, but its the honest truth.Thats why I created there are dozens, if not hundreds, of good jobs out there for somebody at your level, in your platz of the country, and you shouldnt have to spend hours hunting and pecking around the internet to find out where they are. You should be handed a good list of leads each week by somebody who knows the recruiting business really well. That way, you can spend your time on those important things that are going to get you hired phoning, networking, interviewing and chatting.So, look, you could do all this searching yourselfClick here to buy the Kennedy I nformation Guide to Executive Recruiters (book and CD-ROM available for $250) with over 13,000 of them listedAnd you can go right ahead and call them all.But for around a dollar a day, we do all that for you, and, actually, quite a bit moreWhen you contact a corporate recruiter or executive search professional, unfortunately, its often tough for them to give you the time you deserve because of the volume of correspondence they wade through.When contacts them, representing 202,000 Readers, theyre pretty eager to listen.When you send in your resume over the transom, the recruiter doesnt know how to pick your high-quality resume out of the piles and piles of dreck.By contrast, sends an average of just twelve high-quality resumes to each job in our system. Thats why recruiters love us so much.The time and expense of calling all these recruiters and hiring managers to ask if they have an opening for someone like you, even if you have a eager-to-please teenage son working along with you (an oxymoron, I know, folks) could just about eat up your wallet and your savings.While here at, we have an active outreach program run by Dave Carvajal, a great recruiter and one of the co-founders of What Dave and his team do each week is work the phones and the inboxes of corporate recruiters and executive search professionals across the country to find you the best jobs on the planet.So by combing through more than 70,000 jobs each week to pull out the three or four thousand best ones, by contacting recruiters to get at their hidden jobs, and by giving you the leads and the tools to spend your time more effectively, we want to make your job hunt shorter, more successful, and less stressful.Let us know how were doingWHAT READERS SAYSo what do you, the wonderful Readers of, think so far? Lets listen to you in your own wordsI got a job with The Target Corporation, as a Sr. Project Mgr. I have seen many good jobs on your we bsite, and recommended your site to a few friends. Most of the positions you have were not listed elsewhere. I enjoyed the articles too I wish you continued successJeanine Viani,Minneapolis, MNJust a quick email to say thanks for a great no BS service, great web experience, and a *great* network Your, Im not going to waste your time with gimmicks, personality shines throughout the site, and is a refreshing respite and oasis from the vast wasteland of cyberspace headhunters. Thanks for keeping it real, and dont be afraid to keep speaking your mind the Internet can be a very intimate medium and your courage to distance yourself from corporate brochure-speak will continue to differentiate your brand from the pack.Doug OBryon,Germantown, MDFor several weeks now, I have been a daily visitor to UpLadder. As someone contemplating my own job/career transition, I am extremely familiar with many job sites, and find yours to be unique in several important and basic ways, from the elegance of y our business approach to your customer relations pitch (intelligent and not preachy) You make excellent use of the latest technologies. The site looks and works great. Your job descriptions are clear and concise. And your listings are top notch. Its all very well thought out.Brian August,New York, NYI must commend you on your site. With a little bit of diligence, I was offered a position at 3 times what I am making now. I still have not decided if I am going to take the position, but it is a better offer than I have had to date.Thank you again, David C. Gess,Lexington, KYThanks for your kind words Readers And, yes, in addition to the good stuff, wed especially like to hear from you how we can get even better, so please let us know

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31% of workers have played hooky and other tales of absenteeism

31% of workers have played hooky and other tales of absenteeism31% of workers have played hooky and other tales of absenteeismWould you dare muster up a scratchy throat and a fake cough, all to call up your boss and tell her you cant make it today because youre sick (not really) with a cold no, the flu wait, a fever? (Protip the flu is the best excuse to use when calling in sick, a recent survey found).close dialog Advertisementclose dialog/* effects for .bx-campaign-1012257 *//* custom css .bx-campaign-1012257 */.bx-custom.bx-campaign-1012257.bx-type-agilityzone .bx-close z-index 2-ms-keyframes bx-anim-1012257-spin from -ms-transform rotate(0deg) to -ms-transform rotate(360deg) -moz-keyframes bx-anim-1012257-spin from -moz-transform rotate(0deg) to -moz-transform rotate(360deg) -webkit-keyframes bx-anim-1012257-spin from -webkit-transform rotate(0deg) to -webkit-transform rotate(360deg) keyframes bx-anim-1012257-spin from transform rotate(0deg) to transform rotate(360deg) bx-close-inside-1012257 top 0 right 0 /* KD - Remove padding from video wrapper and tischset height to 100% */.bx-custom.bx-campaign-1012257 .bx-row-video .bx-video-wrapper padding-top 0important height 100%.bx-custombx-campaign-1012257 bx-creative-1012257 .bx-wrap height auto/* KD - Change positioning to static as that was not necesaary and here you can adjust the height of the video element */.bx-custom.bx-campaign-1012257 .bx-row-video .bx-video-wrapper video position static/* rendered styles .bx-campaign-1012257 */.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257.bx-active-step-1 .bx-creative *first-child width 100%.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257.bx-active-step-1 .bx-creative background-color transparentborder-style nonemax-width 900px.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257.bx-active-step-1 .bx-close str oke whitebackground-color blackborder-style solidborder-color whiteborder-width 1px.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257 .bx-group-1012257-AFvXBOB padding 10pxdisplay blockwidth auto.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257 .bx-element-1012257-J0EiS8Y width auto.bxc.bx-campaign-1012257 .bx-element-1012257-J0EiS8Y *first-child padding 2px 4pxfont-size 10pxcolor rgb(255, 255, 255)text-transform uppercasebackground-color rgb(0, 0, 0)background-color rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.34)Sure, why not? A third of people have done so, employee recognition and rewards companyO.C. Tanner found in a pollof 1,000 employees nationwide.The top reasons for taking the bull by the horns and granting yourself a sick day?rest and chilling out 50%time with family 30%run errands and take care of personal matters 21%dont want to travel to work in foul weather 17%Speaking of weather, January (23%) and December (19%) are overwhelmingly the fruchtwein popular months for playing hooky from work.But its not as if people are faking sick to get out of work all that often. Of the 31% of people who have feigned illness68% of them say they do it less than once a year.12% say they do it once a year.Only 15% say they fake sick every three to six monthsA rogue 5% say they call in sick once a monthWith lying comes mixed feelings 33% of people who feign being sick feel guilty about it, while 26% of those who do it never feel guilty.There seems to be a link between workplace satisfaction and calling in or not calling in sick. For example34% of people who played hooky agreed that their job was hindering their ability to be happy in other areas of life, while only 17% of people who havent played hooky agreed.40% of people who played hooky said they didnt trust their senior leaders, while only 24% of people who havent played hooky agreed.45% of people who played hooky said that productivity and the balance sheets were more important to their company than its employees, while only 32% of people who havent played hooky agreed.Some final words o f advice If youre going to be skipping work, be professional and make sure not to post anything incriminating on social media.

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Dep. Director HQ Air Command Lands Dep. Director, Financial Management

Dep. Director HQ Air Command Lands Dep. Director, Financial ManagementDep. Director HQ Air Command Lands Dep. Director, Financial ManagementDep. Director HQ Air Command Lands Dep. Director, Financial Management Diane, The hiring official told me I blew them away with my night and day performance. He still didnt say I got the job but sure sounds like I met my goal of doing significantly better than I had before. Whether I get the job or not, I have you to thank for getting me off the dime and enabling me to see what I do from a different perspective.I just wanted to share my good news with you Finally after +6 months, I was notified this week that I got the SES job that I applied for. I have your assist to thank for my big turnaround from my first SES interview to the next. The feedback from the selecting official was I improved my performance 200% So thanks again for your assist in writing skills, interview techniques, and a change in my perspective about what I do for a living. What a confidence builder you are for anyone who has the opportunity to use your professional services.Date Hired November 2013Jobseeker Type Federal to SESPrevious Job Title Deputy Director, Financial Management Comptroller, HQ Air Combat CmdTarget Job Title Deputy Director, Financial Management, Headquarters Air Force Materiel CommandResult HiredWriter/Coach Diane HudsonStrategy/Process The client had previously interviewed for SES positions, but was unsuccessful in the interview process. She contacted me for interview coaching. I developed scripts to help her answer questions that she may be posed in an interview and coached her to build confidence in her speaking abilities. We help numerous phone calls and Skype calls to conduct mock interviewing. She interviewed twice more before receiving an offer of employment as an SES.

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Telephone Interview Tips Any Manager Can Use Robert Half

Telephone Interview Tips Any Manager Can Use Robert HalfTelephone Interview Tips Any Manager Can Use Robert HalfThe phone vorstellungsgesprch can be a time saver in your candidate evaluation process. Applicants answers over the phone can allow you to quickly identify the fruchtwein promising candidates who you may want to bring in for an in-person interview.Here are some tips for getting the most out of a phone interview1. Do your homeworkOnce youve reviewed resumes and have your applicant pool narrowed down, dialing up candidates to ask some initial questions and further narrow down your list can be more efficient than inviting them all in for in-person interviews. But since talking on the phone is very different than meeting in person, you may need some telephone interview tips to follow when calling your top job candidates. Here are a fewPrepare and practice. Before you pick up the phone, make koranvers youve reviewed the candidates application and have it in front of you. Havin g reviewed the job description and discussed with your team the staffing needs going forward, be sure your notes and the questions that you want to ask the candidate are within arms reach as well. Its a good idea, before picking up the phone, to get comfortable with what you want to convey, so that you dont stumble over your words or clutter your speech with ums. A quick practice run should be sufficient.Cover the background material. When the candidate is on the line, thank him for his time and let him know what you plan to discuss during the phone call. Introduce yourself and briefly discuss what your organization does and the role of the current open position. Let the candidate know how the position fits within the organizations goals.Robert Half has been helping companies with their hiring since 1948. Let us help you.REQUEST TALENT2. Act as if you were meeting the candidate in personDo as you would with an in-person interview. Be punctual, show enthusiasm also ...Speak professio nally. Yes, the candidate is the one being evaluated on the call. But the way you talk matters, too, because it says a lot about you and your firm. Speak as professionally as possible. Its fine to be friendly and relatable, but dont let down your guard too far. Leave out jargon and slang.Take good notes. Since you will call more than one candidate, take the time to write down notes right after each phone call. Memories can do tricky things, leading people to later forget what actually happens during a telephone interview. Instead they rely on general impressions when making final choices as to whom theyll invite in for in-person interviews. Taking notes helps you avoid this common pitfall and increases your chances of making a good hire.3. Let the phone interview provide an added layer of insightDuring the phone call...Address any concerns about resume red flags. The phone interview is the perfect chance to fill in the blanks. Give the candidate a chance to explain these types of re d flags before you form any premature negative opinions about him.Be consistent. While youll want to tailor questions to each candidate based on his resume, you may want to ask some questions of everyone you interview so you can fairly compare job qualifications. For example, you might ask each candidate what interests him most about the job to see whether each has taken time to think about his skills and the jobs required tasks.4. Practice proper interview etiquetteYour manners in handling the call and bringing the conversation full circle reflect on you and your company so be sure to dot your Is and cross your Ts.Close the conversation. Thank the candidate for her time and ask if she has any questions for you. Let her know the next step of the process, such as when you plan to follow up and whether she should expect another interview.Follow up. Raise any concerns you may have written down when you reviewed the candidates resume. Did he leave out any mention of a software proficien cy that you specified on the job description? Is there an employment gap in her resume chronology that you want to know more about?We hope these telephone interview tips give you a boost of confidence and help you to make the most of your time when you next pick up the phone to call a candidate.

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The Best Career Advice Ive Ever Received

The Best Career Advice Ive Ever ReceivedThe Best Career Advice Ive Ever ReceivedTen years after I had landed herbeie from my native Ireland, I met an American woman who gave me my best career advice to date.In the 1920s, this womans mother had emigrated from Ireland to America to become a house maid in one of those Downton Abbey getups where she wore a black dress and a frilly cap and said, Yes maam and, No maam.Can you cook? Can you run the laundry? Can you sew? Each prospective boss had her own set of interview questions for this young maid from Ireland.Yes, Yes, and, Yes, the young migr said. And then, (she told her daughter) Id run back to the boarding house or to the town library to study and study until I actually could do what I said I could do.My American friend chuckled as she told me this story about her freewheeling late mother.Then she saidIve never forgotten Mums story and its inherent advice Say you can do it, and then make sure you really can.Neither have I. For over t wo decades, it has served me well.Dont get me wrong. I dont advocate saying you can if it means fudging yur skills, education, or aptitudes in the workplace.For one thing, who among us hasnt witnessed the fallout or picked up the slack when a new colleagues resume turns out to be more wish list than skill list?Even if it werent unethical (which it is), in these days of online portfolios and professional networking sites, misrepresenting ourselves can land us and our resumes on the liars blacklist.Still, I believe that we should take an annual inventory of our current job roles and skill areas and submit them to an annual What else could I do? audit.I went to college in the early 1980s, in a country where, at least for us rural girls, young women were supposed to follow a gender-appropriate (read limited) educational and career track. So I feel a touch envious when I look attodays higher education offerings and the huge menu of college course choices- especially for women.But I also wonder if, nowadays, we haventoverspecialized, if we arent graduating our 20 and 30-somethings with a contrived set of mono-skills. I also wonder if these mono-skills limit our newbie graduates usefulness and adaptability in a real-world, constantly evolving workplace.If youre changing industries or working in a new country, the What can you do? question is sometimes a matter of semantics. I learned this when I interviewed for a job in which the recruiter asked, Whats your experience with project management? And what project management software have you used?Like an idiot, and against my friends mothers advice, I looked across the desk at her and said, Im afraid I dont have any.I got the job anyway. A few days in, I discovered that project management, at least as it applied in the communications field, is a matter of efficiently managing your jobs and deadlines.I did try out some of the software. None of it was as good as my old, tried-and-true tricks a daily hand-written project li st and my Outlook alerts. The lesson Before you move to a new region, look up the major companies and job advertisements to see what they are naming something you already do (or can do).But in the meantime, here are five tips for expanding your skill set and being ready to say, Yes I can to that next job promotion or opportunity.1.What Can I Improve or Expand?Take an inventory of your entire skills list. Then, ask yourself, Which areas could be expanded with just a little more training?2.Did Someone Say Training?Getting from where you are now to where you could or should be can be easier and cheaper than you might think. Many national or regional trade associations offer free or very low-cost webinars, many of which are taught by national experts. Then, the webinars are archived at the associations website for your cheat-sheet reference. Also, look up the top business consultants in your industry. As part of their own outreach or customer-loyalty programs, many consultants deliver v alue-packed information via their freebie newsletters or online blogs.Or, simply Google your target topic. There are more online how-to articles and videos than you may ever need. And check your neighborhood adult or continuing education classes.A short, six-week class or training may be all you need to push that one skill area from dabbler to do-er.3.Use it or Lose ItBack in my previous life as a teacher, we believed that students had an eight-hour window in which to practice whatever they had learned in the classroom. Ditto for our workplace skills. While webinars and trainings are great, its important to put them into immediate use and practice.4. Learn the VocabularyKnowing the lingo isnt the same as having the skill,but in a job or promotion interview, talking the talk, or using or asking questions in the correct terminology, will show your commitment and readiness to learn more.5. VolunteerWant to add grant or proposal writing to your toolbox? Or gain experience in events mana gement? Your local library, youth group, or food pantry may be very pleased to have you. By volunteering just a few hours a month, these budget-strapped organizations get your skills, while you get the on-the-job experience and, hopefully, tangible and brag-able outcomes.My friend told me that her immigrant mother was never without a job. And, when this housemaid felt exploited or overworked in one house, she simply moved on to the next job with her newly learned abilities- and a new confidence to say, Yeah. No problem. I can do that.Photo of woman working courtesy of Shutterstock.

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The Ugly Secret of Graphic Design Resume

The Ugly Secret of Graphic Design Resume Ok, I Think I Understand Graphic Design Resume, Now Tell Me About Graphic Design Resume Just guarantee the organization will accept one. There is an assortment of services and products you can do in order to appeal to the internet community. If you would like to receive a job in a well-known company, do your very best to fulfill their standards and to present yourself accordingly. So whether youre attempting to get freelance projects or locate a steady position with a huge company, its obvious that you have to entice the eye of clients and employers. You will need experience to acquire experience. Theres such a wide choice of jobs to select from, that its just about impossible NOT to find work as soon as you departure looking. Obviously, each job will call for various abilities and experiences, so make certain you read the work description carefully and concentrate on the skills listed by the employer. The coolest high-paying jobs will visit the best of the very best. Graphic Design Resume - Is it a Scam? To wrap up, its well worth mentioning that CV is really the most important document any man or woman will hold in the approaching years. Infographic-style resumes have gotten popular, and they are sometimes effective when done well. So as to use a resume to compose a CV, it is crucial to find several examples that possess the relevant particulars. Essentially, if your presentation appears acceptable in an internet browser, again youre fine. The Good, the Bad and Graphic Design Resume Excellent samples of graphic design resume templates is only the start the good thing is that we have a good deal of templates on offer. One of the greatest regions to get resume examples is online, since there are lots of sites offering templates an individual may download and use. On looking it online, you will find the checklist of templates for the particular position. There are many totally different resume template s designed for several jobs. The Basic Facts of Graphic Design Resume In the very first sense, it usually means you shouldnt overstate your qualifications. Additionally, make an effort to explain why you are the best candidate for the part. Keep in mind, each resume needs to be different, based on the job in question. So make certain its representing you to your very best advantage. Think of graphic design samples as a weapon, which you might strategically produces to be in a position to target a specific work and to receive ones heart of the business. Thus it is necessary to locate a means to make your resume stand out of tons of different resumes, particularly when youre in design. If youre a designer, you obviously need to set yourself aside from the competition and showcase all your design skills on that single document. The fantastic thing for graphic designers without an experience is, its simple to find some. Employing an entry-level graphic designer is almost alwa ys a huge danger of a companynot only does the designer have to have excellent taste, but he must also fit with the businesss style. Your resume or CV may be among the most important projects you ever design. You have your portfolio to showcase your style. Graphic Designer is a wide term skill which can be applied to various positions. Graphic designers should know how to create legible, well-designed type. Technology Graphic designers have to master a variety of types of technology in the modern world. The One Thing to Do for Graphic Design Resume Even if you believe your CV appears quite bare, so long as youve included all of the appropriate info and applicable, quantifiable achievements, you neednt worry. Evidently, you still need to note unique abilities that are appropriate as well as other qualification that you believe they search for. Then you will move on to other resume examples that tell you just how to present your educational info and any special skills youve g ot. Even if there are lots of creative manners of resumes to pick from, they simply are not for everybody. Details of Graphic Design Resume If you do a resume example search, you can also find cover letter examples also. You just need to opt for the one which you should use and then use your resume example in order to make the very best letter for your resume. The cover letter is the most important tool to entice the recruiters interest. Simply following some basic strategies and making certain adjustments could be sufficient to make your cover letter much superior than before. Top Graphic Design Resume Secrets Youre a graphics gal or guy, so earning a portfolio from scratch may be a little challenging. A successful resume doesnt have that success just to the content, but also the manner that content was displayed and organized. Bear in mind a very long time past, every successful marketer told you one thing If you would like to succeed online, you should have your own pr oduct or service which you own outright 100% or you wont ever achieve marketing success. The advantages of owning your own service or product online are endless.